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Professional care for both mothers and newborn.



safe & comfort !

Peace of mind !


and Mother Care

We put in great effort to make sure our spaces are well-ventilated and sanitised with cutting edge technology. A well circulated ecosystem and air quality will help to provide the best care and comfort for our little ones.

Most importantly, strict sanitising in every inch of space with chemical free (NanoHUG technology) for newborn, and its super safe.



Inspired design for maximum comfort and recovery



cozy atmospHere !

soft touch for better sleep !

Cozy for Health

Cozy for Health

That’s part of the reason our design duo sticks to soft neutral earth colours that are easy on the eyes and create that spa-like oasis feel.

Scientists have now discovered that only when it's really dark can your body produce the hormone called melatonin. Melatonin fights diseases, including breast cancer and helps on fast revocery.

"It turns off the cancer cells from growing," says Joan Roberts, a photo biologist.



all time favourite !

Home taste and comfort !

Memorable dine in

Serving meals not only at taste but experience which helps mother dine-in with style to boost health with nutritious meals, plus a positive and blissful experience. 

Memorable dine-in moments might happened without realising...



Chinese traditional herbal tonic soup known as TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) can be classified into 3 stages to meet the different healing needs of postnatal recovery. Included in all packages.



rejuvenate !

relief and relax

A must have for a better Health

With a rejuvenation Spa studio, here we provide ginger hair wash to reduce hair fall. Postnatal massage with physical benefits such as pain relief, muscle relaxations, joint relief, and the flushing out of toxins, for a beauty recovery.



Sharing network and learning with other mothers, together we learn and alter towards parenthood.



get support !

meet new friends

Learn and alter towards Parenthood


The postnatal period is certainly the most intense one in the life of women who become a mother, and you don’t have to go through everything on your own. It’s ok to need help and to ask for help. New mummies need someone to look after them, to mother them, so that they can mother their baby.

Sharing network and learning with other mothers, together we learn and alter towards parenthood.

Your Parenthood Journey begins with us

We carefully planned out

classes & follow ups to ensure you are well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge before & after delivering your

precious one.

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